There’s a New Mall In Town! Meito In Danshui

My friends and I were very excited to hear that a new mall was going to open in Danshui. It sprung up from the ground at the speed o light, and before we even had time to notice the construction site, it was already time for the opening. Opening Day = sale, right? So we decided to give Meito a chance, eager to find some deals for us fashion deprived girls. Let’s go!

IMG_1789The busy entrance. Employees were busy distributing flyers and people were lining up to get in.

IMG_1799On the first floor, a shoe store, some beauty stores, a The Body Shop and… A giant bottle of cosmetics. Guess where I went first?

IMG_1790Elsa raving in fornt of the nail polish. So many to choose from!

IMG_1802We were particularly excited about the Uniqlo and the Ladies’ floor.
IMG_1801The jewelry floor. Nothing to do here if you’re less than 50 years old…

IMG_1805The layout was pretty standard, but it was nice to walk in a brand-new building.

IMG_1809I just HAD to stop at the Nike store. Just looking guys!

IMG_1812French brand alert! Pierre Cardin is in the building, s’il-vous-plaît.
IMG_1813In the book store, I couldn’t even navigate the kids section. It’s good to see that all those kids still like to read.
IMG_1814On the novelty floor, there were a lot of useless stuff with super cute designs. I think they were trying to emulate the Muji style, only edgier.

IMG_1815The colorful products gives the floor some warmth.

Overall, it was a nice 2-hour tour, but I don’t think I will visit Meito anytime soon. Most of the stuff was very overpriced and/or not what I usually go for when shopping. The fashion had a strong Chinese feel to it, it’s very different from the clothes we see elsewhere in Taipei. I guess it caters to middle-aged rich women more than anything.

I’d still go back for the Uniqlo and the restaurants on the higher floors, some of them looked very nice and the decoration was stunning. I was very disappointed by the bookstore, though.
Guess that’ll save me some money!