Random Post of the Month

IMG_1860I always see doggies chilling in packs on the street at night. Don’t they have owners?!

IMG_1909Cutest latte art I’ve seen so far! And this cup is so cute! Love the color! Want!

IMG_1910 Nice café, weird bathrooms, crazy prices!

IMG_1911 So yummy and cheap!

IMG_1912 IMG_1913Huge Muji store in a very cool mall in Taipei.

IMG_1932Very nice side street in Zhongxiao Dunhua. Taipei can be awesomely cosy!

Heu ?

IMG_1950I swear, Taipei has the cutest accessories!

IMG_2044Can you spot what’s funny about this picture?

IMG_2049Grandma is so stylish!


IMG_2051$99 of goodness.

IMG_2065On the way back to Taipei from Kaohsiung.

IMG_2078Christmas lights are up in my apartment complex…

… and there’s a cute Christmas tree in the lobby!

IMG_2109One fine day in between bouts of rain. (Picture taken in front of my building. I love the view on the mountains of Bali!)

IMG_2131Doggy is taking a nap on campus. Daily occurrence.

IMG_2139IMG_1807My Christmas gift? One or the other? Pretty please, Mom?
Mon cadeau de Noël ? L’une ou l’autre ? S’il-te-plaît, Maman ?


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